Our Vision & Purpose

MS Business Guide was created to promote entrepreneurship & small business development in the state of Mississippi.

Our mission is to guide the entrepreneurs & businesses of Mississippi into the future by creating, curating, distributing, & implementing a dynamic selection of tools, resources, & strategies that will certainly help anyone willing to put in the time & effort to reach their vision of success, whatever that vision may be.

Becoming a member of MS Business Guide & listing your business with us is a critical first step in developing your online image by building trust & authority, creating more value for your customers, and most of all reducing the mental, financial, & physical strain that running a business often results in.

By using a process of:

1. Discovery
2. Diagnosis
3. Implementation

We help businesses get to the financial root of what’s causing their problems & then create real, actionable steps on how to solve it.

The founders, Chase Roberts & Micah McDaniel, are locals of south MS who have grown up with a deep understanding of the culture & people in the state. Their collective vision is to turn Mississippi into an entrepreneurial hub.

This vision will only be achieved if there are people inhabiting this state who have the confidence to believe in themselves as well as the willingness to accept change when it is accompanied by growth & prosperity.

In their own words, “We are willing to work with you for as long as it takes in order to reach YOUR vision of success & create financial freedom for your family. We believe that this is our purpose in life.”

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