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    Melissa B
    July 09, 2015

    We've had a contract with a home warranty company for several years. They have a list of contracted vendors - we can't choose a vendor, they do that. We've had to request service several times and it's been fine -- done in a reasonable amount of time - and the washer worked better - the A/C worked fine............until today. Last month, we had to request service for our A/C. It took several days, but M&t Heating & Cooling Inc. came out and fixed it - we thought. BUT----it is not working: AGAIN. The compressor isn't running........and it is (according to the weather channel) 96 degrees - and with the humidity, it feels like 101!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And - it will be like this for the next week. I called M&t Heating & Cooling Inc.-----and the earliest they MAY be able to assess it -- not fix - ASSESS...is..... (drumroll:) NEXT TUESDAY, JULY 14TH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Now --- they are the ones that didn't fix it correctly the first time they came out ........but it looks like we're paying the price for their bad work. When I spoke with them, their staff member understood --- but 'that is the best we can do.' They're not the ones living in a house that is over 100 degrees. And, because they didn't fix it correctly when they came out last month -- they're the only ones that can fix it now....we're are stuck. Because it's a recall visit -- the home warranty contract doesn't require that the vendor address a problem within a certain amount of time - so apparently it can be weeks and weeks and weeks! I can only recommend: if you live around Jackson, MS -- and need any A/C or heating work done................DO NOT CALL M&t Heating & Cooling Inc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And,I sincerely hope that the warranty company removes them from their list of vendors. This is NOT acceptable.

    Mike Follum
    July 20, 2015

    Look at all the reviews, don't use these guys. They installed two brand new systems at our house. One system has never worked correctly and even leaked water which caused damage to our ceiling. The other system worked, but not very well due to their horrible duct work. It's cost us over $1000 to get our systems working because their warranty is USELESS. They rarely return phone calls, and when they do they are typically rude. They kept telling us the system was working correctly when it was obviously not. Once the year warranty was over they were suddenly willing to do a thorough look at the system...for a cost. Learn from others' experience, use someone else. I've heard Environmental Specialists are good and we've had luck with Modern Air and Heating. Do not use these guys!

    Nicole Griffin
    August 12, 2015

    This is by far one of the best contractors in town. They have the very best customer service, very prompt, and when they say they are going to do something they do it. This company really took their time to really find out what was causing my ac unit to not cool after 2 contractors rushed and we were still burning up. They never missed an appointment, and if they could come early they did. The owner is a real nice, respectful guy and you can tell because his employees are the exact same!!! Don't go to anyone else...trust me if your ac unit goes out call M&T.

    M&T Heating & Cooling &Duct Cleaning

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    116 Clinton Blvd, Clinton, MS 39056, USA

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