Paul’s Northside Plumbing & Heating

134 Creekside Dr, Canton, MS 39046, USA

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    herman jew
    May 23, 2017

    Paul's Northside Plumbing is an excellent company when you are in need of plumbing service. I used them when I owned a restaurant several years ago and they were always prompt whenever I had a plumbing problem. Coming to fix a plumbing problem quickly on short notice is critical in the restaurant business. I could always depend on them, and their rates were very reasonable for the varied plumbing services that they provided. With the dependable and quick service they gave me at my restaurant, now that I have retired, I continue to use them whenever I have a plumbing problem at my home, and, they continue to give me that same type of service.

    Rusty Fulton
    March 24, 2017

    We enjoy what we do!!!! Love to help people anytime,anything we can do to help we will do. Just give us a call!!!! Also the gentleman that did the bad review. He called us with water leaking thru his attic from his water heater. That is why we went. We installed the heater told him it was going to be very tight sqeeze to get up there.He was well aware that the damage (which was minor) was caused from HIS old heater. And the pan was even stopped up that it was sitting in. It's on his ticket. He was a very nice man I even made his check out for him, because his wife was gone the whole time we were installing it. Then she is the one who called saying there was damage. Yes if your water heater busts you are going to have some damage. Which there's was very minor and we did not cause it. No one stepped thru anything. There would have been a big whole which I took pics and when we left there was not. I am sure she wrote all of this because she was the one who wanted us to fix not him. I even offered being nice to give them a guy who could repair and when I called and they were not there. Also mentioned to my insurance they said that was on them and agreed that that was their damage done by there old heater. We checked our new heater when went back for her and it was a ok!!!!

    Jennifer Gunn
    December 04, 2016

    Wonderful! Always available quickly! Great people who have always helped us out!

    Vicki Jackson
    February 01, 2017

    Excellent service with great rates. Highly recommend.

    Karl Helmar
    March 16, 2017

    Awful pumbers, they put a foot through the ceiling and flooded it also and they blamed us. The damaged the water heater with several scraps and large slash in the outer lining and didn't inform us. They said they fix would fix the ceiling but they kept making excuses about showing up to fix it. I finnally called in Andy on call and they fixed the ceiling. Look elseware to have your water heater installed or serviced.

    Paul’s Northside Plumbing & Heating

    Our Address

    134 Creekside Dr, Canton, MS 39046, USA

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